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Flexicoll™ High Strength Hydrolysed Collagen drink is leading the revolution into natural solutions to joint problems.

Flexicoll’s main active ingredient is 5000mg of High Strength Fortigel® Collagen, per daily serving.

The specially optimised bioactive collagen peptides in this unique collagen act directly on cartilage cells by stimulating the biosynthesis of collagen and proteoglycans, which represent 95% of cartilage. This is backed by the latest supporting research, proving that Fortigel® promotes regeneration of cartilage. Studies have shown significant improvement in pain, mobility and flexibility.

Flexicoll™ is a powder that is mixed with water and is a pleasant tasting drink. The most effective time to take Flexicoll™ is each evening before bed, as our body repairs when we sleep. Because Flexicoll is a drink it is absorbed into the body quicker and easier than tablets and capsules (each serving of Flexicoll is the equivalent to taking approximately 15 capsules).

Key Points:

•Reduces joint pain

•Protects and prevents damage to joints

•Repairs damage to joints and cartilage

•Increases mobility and flexibility of joints.


Flexicoll is a high strength Hydrolysed Collagen drink to help with joint problems.


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