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Mag365 BF Formula – Lemon flavour


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The Mag365 Magnesium BF Formula is a natural light citrus flavour supplement that helps support your overall health. This supplement contains vitamins D3, K2, C, B6, boron, zinc and potassium. It is ideal to take if you have:

  • Symptoms of calcium buildup or calcification (cataracts, bone spurs, joint issues, Atherosclerosis, kidney stones, gallstones, some breast lumps, increased bone fractures, etc).
  • You want a magnesium product with added immunity boosters
  • You are experiencing peri or menopausal symptoms
  • You notice your hormones fluctuate or have hormone-related symptoms such as PMS, bloating, feeling emotional, etc
  • You want to support your prostate and maintain your testosterone as you age
  • Vegan, Gluten free, No Colours

Brighten Up Your Day

Perfect any time of day and A great way to introduce CBD into your body